Global Spring Festival 全球庆新春  (flyer)
Saturday, March 5, 2016, 7:30 PM
San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
255 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113 (map)
$25, $38, $50, VIP $100(tax deductible)
40% off for children 4-10 or seniors 60+ (kid 3- not recommended)
10% off for 10+ tickets and 20% off for 40+ tickets
(408)973-8276 (order online)

3 PM, 1-hour performance free for K-12 (pass)

The 8th annual SFSV is a feast of arts, featuring two segments:

(A) The multi-culture production Global Spring Festival presents festive music and dance of Chinese, Indian, American, Tajikistan, Dai, Tibetan, and Korean to entertain audiences of all ages. The legacy of Spring Festival can be traced back 10,000 years, to when the Chinese tribesmen settled down to grow crops. Spring was regarded as the right season to plan for a bumper harvest. Now in the 21st Century, one-quarter of humanity is celebrating the spring to hope for a better future. Presenting vibrant works from diverse art organizations and famous artists from China, Global Spring Festival truly celebrates one of the oldest world legacies as well as America's diversity and inclusiveness that make our country great and strong.

(B) The World premiere of the dance drama Silk Road Fantasy is to commemorate CPAA’s 25th Anniversary in 2016. This creation is inspired by the fact that Silicon Valley is the most culturally diverse region in America that is the prime reason for its creativity here. In ancient times, culture exchange along the Silk Road extended thousands of miles. Now in the 21st century, the global culture exchange is at the doorstep of our Silicon Valley, the center of world hi-tech industry.

The Story - In the 6th Century, under the order of the Indian Emperor Chandra Gupta II, Damo (a.k.a. Bodhidharma), following the footsteps of many Indian monks, travels on foot through countries along the Silk Road to China and is well received by the peoples on his way. Finally, Damo arrives at Mt. Songshan and settles down at Shaolin Temple. Damo's Ch'an, his new way of meditation exercise integrated in Chinese martial arts, now known as Shaolin Kung Fu, has evolved over 1,500 years to become a world spectacle.

The Cast: CPAA and principals: Zhou Hui, Ling Gao, Pearl Wang, Jiwen Dong, Xingjiu Liu, Michael Stroud; Abhinaya Dance Company ; Wu-Tao Martial Arts Association; The Voice of Harmony Artists and Guest Performers from China.

Background History – Driven by the high profit of the silk trade, the ancient Silk Road has long been recognized as a pipeline of inter-continental culture exchange, new products, new technologies and new ideas spread through Europe, Asia and Africa. China's four great inventions - the compass, gunpowder, paper and printing - were introduced to the West and changed the world (quote from Sir Francis Bacon.) These exchanges not only promoted the development of China, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India and the great civilizations of Rome, but also helped to lay the foundations of modern civilization, concluded scholar Joseph Needham.

第八届硅谷春晚及飛揚藝術團廿五週年紀念盛大公演   (传单)

慶祝春節這一傳統可上溯一万年,自華夏部落定居開始建立農業社會時期,认定一年之計在於春。而今全世界百分之二十五的人口都在歡慶春節。春節已成為中華民族充滿著希望的節日,蘊含了萬事更新,以及一切美好的祝愿與禮慶,慶祝春節確實是具有普世同慶之恆久價值。希望2016年为大家带来新好運和新財富。 飛揚藝術團自2009年以來每年舉办《硅谷春晚》与全球华人和其他民族共享这一个最重要的中华节日。2016年适逢飛揚藝術團建團廿五週年, 为庆祝双喜盛会,飛揚特邀请湾区其他民族艺术团体200多演员共同推出一台辉煌巨制。内容有《全球庆新春》的多元民族歌舞、戲劇、武術、雜技,魔术等,老少咸宜。 另外, 特别世界首演 《丝路神奇》舞剧。今年,飞扬非常荣幸地请到来自中国的三位顶尖艺术家 - 京剧艺术家李雪梅和马力, 与唢呐大师吴树德。

《丝路神奇》故事 : 公元6世纪孔雀王朝Chandra Gupta二世,受到中国梁武帝的邀请, 派遣印度高僧达摩禅师沿着丝绸之路到中国,沿途深受人们的款待。最后达摩到达中国,受到梁武帝召见。之后, 达摩定居嵩山的少林寺。他教导众僧人:禅,瑜伽和其它锻炼形式,以保持僧侣的身体健康。达摩主张精 神,智慧和强壮的体能结合为一体。 达摩的”禅武合一”教学方法被确立为少林寺的传统。

演员: 飞扬艺术团和主要舞员: 周辉, 杨洋,高岭,王真珍,董霽雯,刘兴久等, Abhinaya Dance Company 印度舞蹈团, 武道联盟的18少林师父, 和谐之声藝術團, 魔术师 Michael Stroud, 湾区专业歌手 等。 。

创作意义: 在古代丝绸之路踏遍千山万水。现在21世纪, 现代科技使时间和空间不断缩小, 丝绸之路就在我们硅谷的家门口。《丝路神奇》舞剧以娱乐和教育并重, 炫耀丰富多采的中印古典音乐和舞蹈,包括梦幻般的飞天和千手观音,世界著名的少林功夫演译十八罗汉, 沿丝绸之路不同国家的歌舞等等。《丝路神奇》舞剧是一席艺术盛宴,赞扬了古代丝绸之路对世界文化交流的贡献。

25年, 长路漫漫, 飛揚藝術團克服各种困难, 成长壮大, 我们非常感谢当地政府和社会各界的支持。