Program 硅谷春晚節目

The annual Spring Festival Silicon Valley (SFSV) is a full-scale production of a variety show to entertain the general public to share the joy of the lunar New Year. The program will include world premiere of CPAA’s new work and programs of prestigious art companies in Bay Area as well as special guests from China including top-notch acrobats, vocalists, magician, and comedian.

MC: Yun Zhu 朱云

(I) Global Spring Festival 全球庆新春
1. Celebrating the Year of the Rooster 庆祝鸡年大吉
2. Spring Outing 采薇舞- Chinese classical dance
3. Ballroom Dance Showcase 五彩宾纷国标舞 - Rumba, Pro-Am, Salsa
4. All I ask of you 百老汇现代舞 - modern dance
5. Martial Arts Showcase 中国武术
6. Folk and Pop Songs by Erkin Abdulla 著名国际歌手艾尔肯演唱
(II) Song of the Sea - world premiere 海洋之歌 - 世界首演

Entertaining and educational, Song of the Ocean is an epic production in which the Sea King of the West and the Sea King of the East agree to protect the ocean for the welfare of their subjects. The sea creatures, Lion Fish Warrior, Krill solders, King Triton, Gold Fish Princess, Mermaids, Nimo and Dory, Coral Fairy, Kelp ladies, and others display their spectacular performance to celebrate this festive occasion. At the end, the Sea King of the East transforms himself into the Chinese Celestial Dragon, surging to the heaven, In lightning and thundering, he makes rainfall nurturing all lives on earth. Song of the Ocean is an East-Meets-West extravaganza inspired by Chinese legend and Western fairy tales. It aims to raise the awareness of the global warming crisis in which the ocean acidity is one of the key causes.

由超过80名艺术家表演的 "海洋之歌"传播环保信息。这 是一个 娱乐和教育并重的史诗创作,灵感来自中国神话海龙王和西方童话 The Little Mermaid, Nimo, Dory 等。在海洋世界中,西海王和东海王同意保护海洋和海洋生物,为庆祝这一盛会,狮子鱼将军,磷虾兵团,金鱼公主,美人鱼,珊瑚仙女,海带宫女等等各显神通。最后,东海王化为神龙,一飞冲天。在雷电中降雨,葆育大地。"海洋之歌" 是一首赞 歌。赞美连接世界五大洲美丽的海洋,保护宇宙中唯一的蓝星球。

Note: Program subject to change without prior notice.

Highlights of past CPAA performance:Dragon Dance  Dangon King