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Mission - CPAA Founded in 1991 as a nonprofit organization, CPAA's mission is to introduce Chinese culture as an integral part of the American society; to promote multi-culture through collaborations; and to promote global culture exchange through international cultural events.

Creating new works - Since founding, CPAA has produced and presented high quality performances which world premiered at least one new work every year in its annual major events. The memorable productions including Sorrow of the Great Wall, Home of the Rainbow, New Dream of the Butterfly, Silk Road Fantasy and many others, have received rave reviews from the critics and praises from the audience. We consider creating new works is the top priority of CPAA's artists. These vibrant productions have established CPAA a highly acclaimed art institute in California. Since 2003, CPAA's flagship production Dances of China - A Journey of 5,000 Years that was comprised of many CPAA's new creations was on national tour and established CPAA's name at a national level.

In 2003, CPAA started a dance school to provide job opportunities to its resident artists in Cupertino. In 2007, CPAA moved its headquarters to a 14,000 sq. ft. facility in West San Jose. Since then, CPAA has invested $300,000 in this spacious facility to establish a multi-function art institute including 3 main operations:
  • CPAA Academy for youth art training and to create jobs for our artists
  • Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA) as a community center for many local art organizations to create and teach their arts
  • International Arts Council - Silicon Valley to promote culture exchange between Silicon Valley and other regions of the world.


飛揚藝術團成立於1991年,乃一非營利藝術機構。其宗旨為介紹和弘揚中華文化,以促使其成為美國多元文化社會中不可或缺之一元。本團以表演方式與大眾分 享豐富、優秀的中華藝術。本團的創作節目教育與娛樂並重,使觀眾達到娛樂身心的目的,同時得到資訊與啟發。觀眾不需要到中國也能得到中華文化的薰陶。本團 製作的《中國舞蹈 - 五千年巡禮》包括了許多傑出編導的作品,在美國及加拿大各地作巡迴表演。節目長達兩小時,展示了中華文化燦爛之錦繡一角。

創辦人Founder :胡瓊君 Ann Woo

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