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The 14th CPAA Spring Festival Silicon Valley

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Date:Saturday, March 11th, 2023 at 7 p.m.

Venue:San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
  255 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113 (map)

  $20, $30, $50 (VIP)

  Order online from:
  San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
  Order by phone:408-755-0267

  Senior 40% off.
  Order at Chinese Performing Art of America:
  6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA95129

Highlights on the 14th CPAA Spring Festival Silicon Valley (@YouTube)


To Where We Belong
- A beautiful theatrical production dedicated to our homes on Earth

Following the great success of the themed party, "An Ode to the Golden Tang'', 2022, in Silicon Valley, CPAA (Chinese Performing Arts of America) is planning another professionally choreographed stage production: "To Where We Belong" for our audience in the Bay Area in March 2023.

Surrounding the themes of longing and belonging, the show will take the audience through the four seasons and witness performing music, singing, and dancing of people from different ethnic groups, historical eras, and regions.  

We are all residents of the earth. No matter where we come from and we all feel nostalgia for our homeland and love for the people on that land.  Our shared homeland as we belong to the earth. The whole program goes from the vitality and hope of Spring to the heat and prosperity of Summer. To the deepness and introversion of Autumn, and finally settles back to the warmth of the love on earth in Winter. Here, you will experience cordially interpreted stories of the four seasons, hear the loving songs of the people, and share a deep common belonging with all the hearts on earth.

With love, 

We look forward to seeing all of you there in March 2023!

“若思念 便思念”


     這次英文主題為《To Where We Belong》的晚會,會以思念為主線,帶觀眾穿越地球上的春夏秋冬,觀賞到不同民族,不同時代,和不同地域的人們的音樂和歌舞。我們都是地球的居民,無論我們來自何方,我們都帶著對地球上某一片土地的眷念,帶著對那片土地上的人們的愛和關懷。我們歸屬於地球,地球是我們共同的故鄉!



網上購票   or
電話: 408-755-0267 or
飛揚藝術中心 6148 Bollinger Road San Jose CA 95129