Program 飛揚硅谷春晚節目

The annual Spring Festival Silicon Valley (SFSV) is a full-scale production of a variety show to entertain the general public to share the joy of the lunar New Year. The program will include world premiere of CPAA’s new work and programs of prestigious art companies in Bay Area as well as special guests from China including top-notch acrobats, vocalists, magician, and comedian.

主持人 Master of Ceremonies:
馬偉然,夢陽,史鐘麒,張意,Michelle,Joann, Ahl, Maggie Huang

1.  舞蹈 - 《春节序曲》 Dance: Spring Festival Overture
2.  古筝合奏 - 丰收锣鼓 Harvest Drum
3.  旗袍演示 - 《花语旗情》 Fashion Show in QiPao
4.  民歌 - 《万事如意》 Folk Song:Wish You All The Best
5.  古典舞 - 《在水一方》Classical Dance: By The Water
6.  情景魔术 Magic
7.  女声合唱 - 春光好/Star Female Chorus:Spring Song
8.  音乐剧 《祈祷者》 Musical Drama: playthe prayer / Habanera from Carmen
9.  武术 Martial Arts
10. 藏族舞蹈 -《雪域天路》Tibetan Dance: Heaven’s path in Himalaya Plateau
11. 竖琴长笛二重奏 - 《渔舟唱晚》Harp & Flute Duet: Dusk by the Fishing Boat
12. 芭蕾舞蹈 - 《舞之庆典》Ballet: DANCE CELEBRATION
13. 流行独唱 - 《发如雪》 Pop Solo: Hair like snow
14. 嘻哈舞 Hiphop
15. 男女声二重唱《我像雪花天上来》Duet: Like snow coming from sky
16. 现代舞 Contemporary dance: The Kingston Mines
17. 傣族舞蹈 - 《水之灵》Dai Dance
18. 独唱 - 《我的深情为你守候》Solo: Affectionately Waiting
19. 舞蹈 - 《咏玉》Dance: The Chant of Jade
20. 马头琴大提琴合奏 《雁变奏曲》,《查尔达斯》Matouqing & Cello duet
21. 春晚精曲联唱 All Time Spring Festival Favorite Songs Collection
22. 锦绣飞扬 - 民族舞蹈大联欢 Splendor!Ethnic Dances Showcase


Note: Program subject to change without prior notice.

Highlights of past CPAA performance:Dragon Dance  Dangon King